Ovarian Cancer Trial Results: Cell Destruction

Evidence from the Phase 1 clinical trial of ovarian cancer supports the claim that whole-body hyperthermia, as delivered during HEATT®, compromises the cell structure of tumors and metastasized cells, resulting in a reduction of tumors. Exposure to high temperatures for a specified period of time induces necrosis (the direct kill via cell membrane destruction).


Clinical Trial: Ovarian Cancer Overview

The Verthermia® team conducted an FDA Phase 1 clinical trial during 2014-2015, resulting in significant findings on the positive impact of the HEATT® (formally VV-PISH) procedure. These findings indicated improved survival rates and the ability to engage in daily living activities. Most of the patients enrolled in the study were in hospice or had advanced unresponsive cancer and completed at least one cycle of HEATT®.


Ovarian Cancer Trial Results: Survival Rate

The median expected survival of all ten patients from the day they failed their traditional therapy prior to HEATT® was 8.9 months. This estimation was based on a study published by Hanker in 2012 [1] which found that ovarian cancer patients who failed three lines of chemotherapy were expected to live 8.9 months after the day when their chemotherapy stopped working. Eight of the ten patients in the ovarian study survived beyond the time predicted by the Hanker study.


Alicias Cancer Survival Story

Today, we have the privilege of sharing Alicia’s inspiring testimonial as a cancer survivor, thanks to Verthermia’s groundbreaking treatment.

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, but it is crucial to remember that there is always hope and innovation in the field of cancer care. Verthermia, a leading medical treatment provider, has been at the forefront of groundbreaking therapies that are changing the lives of cancer patients around the world.


Adams Inspiring Verthermia Story

Verthermia groundebreaking Heatt® treatment help patients like Adam not only survive but thrive.

Adam’s experience with Heatt® is a testament to the power of this treatment. After undergoing chemotherapy for his condition, Adam reached a point where he could no longer tolerate the side effects affecting his quality of life. Frustrated and disheartened, he was desperate for alternatives. That’s when he discovered Heatt®.

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