Verthermia® provides Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®) to patients with advanced tumors that are unresponsive to traditional cancer treatments. Our whole-body hyperthermia therapy (WBHT) is an innovative and alternative hyperthermia cancer treatment that works to destroy thermosensitive cancer cells and slow cancerous growth by heating the entire body through circulating heated blood. HEATT® can be effective as part of an integrated oncology treatment plan.

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About HEATT®

Verthermia® has developed and refined the technology and therapy of HEATT® for over 30 years with thorough research. During the HEATT® procedure, the bodily functions of the patient are closely monitored while undergoing a perfusion-induced high temperature for two hours. The tumors are stunned, damaged, or destroyed as the HEATT® process uses whole-body hyperthermia to damage the cell structure of cancer cells with a potentially enhanced immune response.


Why Choose HEATT®?

We heat the blood directly and control body temperature while normalizing fluids, electrolytes, and pH balance. HEATT® uses your blood to conduct heat rather than using typical conduction or convective methods.


Who Can HEATT® Help?

Whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment at Verthermia® is a revolutionary way of fighting cancer. It is an innovative, safe, and well-tolerated therapy that has been proven to provide promising results in clinical trials. Our oncology cancer treatment can help those with advanced cervical, breast, colon, and other cancers. It is also beneficial for those who are unresponsive to chemotherapy or radiation and those whose cancer has metastasized. This treatment can be used in combination with conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to enhance the effectiveness of these treatments.

  • Patients with advanced or metastatic cancer: Whole-body hyperthermia treatment for cancer can be used in combination with other therapies to treat tumors that have spread to other parts of the body and are difficult to target using more traditional treatments.
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  • Patients whose cancer has not responded to chemotherapy or radiation: While whole-body hyperthermia is not a replacement for traditional cancer treatments, it can be used in combination with them to target tumors that have stopped responding to drugs or radiation.
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  • Patients looking for alternative cancer treatment: Whole-body hyperthermia is a non-invasive treatment that does not require surgery, radiation, or drugs. As such, it can be an attractive option for individuals looking to explore alternative treatment methods.
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Hope with HEATT®>

At Verthermia®, our whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment is not just about fighting cancer; it is also about providing hope and a better quality of life. We are proud to share the inspiring stories of our patients whose lives have been transformed by the revolutionary treatment at Verthermia®.

“I was thrilled to participate in a trial for HEATT®. Compared to the usual treatment I was used to, I was able to bounce back quicker. I was able to return to immunotherapy after my body had rejected it. If you are having issues with your current treatments, this is an option to try.”
Cancer Trial Patient
“After my tumor stopped responding to chemotherapy, I had a friend who mentioned HEATT® treatment. The process was easily tolerated and I could get back to my daily activities quickly. Would recommend HEATT®.”
Ovarian Cancer Patient
“I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for HEATT®. I was a little skeptical at first, but I’ve surpassed my life expectancy, and I could not be happier. I’m so glad to still have the energy to do things I love to do. Thank you Verthermia!”
Lung Cancer Patient


Our HEATT® Treatment Process>

At Verthermia®, we work with local physicians to provide the best care possible with every patient's safety and comfort in mind. We understand how difficult this process can be for some people, and our team is dedicated to being supportive and informative every step of the way. We also administer anesthesia before the entire process to avoid discomfort throughout the procedure.

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Administration of Anesthesia

The patient is put under general anesthesia to avoid discomfort throughout the procedure.
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Blood is Heated

The blood is withdrawn then heated by a proprietary patented therapy (HEATT®) using FDA-approved devices in an external circuit. The heated blood is then returned within a large vein to the right heart.
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Distribution of Heat

The right heart pumps the blood to the lungs, which act like a radiator to evenly distribute the heat then return blood to the left heart.
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Patient Body is Heated

The left heart pumps the heated blood to the whole body including insulated and isolated areas (i.e. brain, bone marrow, mediastinum).
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Detoxification of Blood

Using dialysis to restore and balance the body’s natural chemistry, the blood is then detoxified by a filter.
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Cancer Cell Suppression

HEATT® potentially kills or suppresses cancer cells in all parts of the body by heating the body to 42º C (or 107.6 Fahrenheit) for 120 minutes.


Potential HEATT® Patients

To qualify for our oncology cancer treatment, a patient must have advanced cancer that is unresponsive to conventional therapies. However, we also offer HEATT® to those who may choose to avoid conventional therapies and desire an alternative cancer treatment. Contact Verthermia® today to discuss your qualifications.

  • A patient must have advanced-stage cancer.
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  • The cancer is unresponsive to conventional treatment methods.
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  • The patient has not experienced a stroke or heart attack in the past 6 months.
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  • The patient has not undergone recent high-dosage chemotherapy.
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  • Other contradictions include major organ dysfunction and active infection.
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Contact Us Today

At Verthermia®, we understand that undergoing cancer treatment can be a difficult and overwhelming journey. We are here to support you every step of the way. If you or someone you know is considering hyperthermia as part of their cancer treatment, please contact us today to discuss eligibility.

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