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Ovarian Cancer

Renew hope with Verthermia®’s innovative cancer treatment, HEATT®. Discover how this revolutionary treatment for ovarian cancer is transforming the fight against ovarian cancer and offering new possibilities for healing.

Verthermia® provides Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®) to patients with advanced tumors that are unresponsive to traditional cancer treatments. This groundbreaking radiation treatment for ovarian cancer involves heating the patient’s body to target cancer cells directly, slowing their growth, and providing an effective treatment option in integrated oncology plans.

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How does Verthermia
help you?

HEATT® utilizes high temperatures and dialysis to restore and balance the body’s natural chemistry. By detoxifying the blood using a filter, HEATT® is a natural treatment for ovarian cancer that supports the body’s ability to fight cancer cells.

What is HEATT®?

Verthermia® provides Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®), a patented, whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment to extend and enhance daily living for cancer patients.

Why 42° Celsius?

42° C has been scientifically identified as an optimal temperature because it can damage cancer cells while providing minimal harm to healthy cells.

Why Choose HEATT®

Patient Safety

Safety is paramount with HEATT®. Throughout the procedure, our experienced team ensures meticulous monitoring to safeguard patient well-being at every step. This advanced ovarian cancer treatment ensures that the treatment is both effective and safe.

Professional Anesthesia for Comfort

To guarantee patient comfort and a pain-free HEATT® procedure, our team administers professional anesthesia. This approach ensures that patients remain comfortable throughout the treatment process, enhancing their overall experience.

Non-Invasive Procedure

HEATT® is a gentle and non-invasive ovarian cancer treatment that delivers effective treatment without causing undue discomfort to patients. This non-invasive nature allows for shorter recovery times and minimizes the risk of complications.

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Speak with real oncologists:

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How HEATT® Works

1. Administration of Anesthesia: Patients are put under general anesthesia to ensure they are comfortable throughout the procedure.

2. Blood Heating: The patient’s blood is withdrawn and heated using FDA-approved devices in an external circuit. It is then returned within a large vein to the right heart.

3. Distribution of Heat: The right heart pumps the heated blood to the lungs, which act like a radiator to evenly distribute the heat. The blood is then returned to the left heart.

4. Patient Body Heating: The left heart pumps the heated blood to the whole body, including insulated and isolated areas.

5. Detoxification of Blood: Using dialysis to restore and balance the body’s natural chemistry, the blood is then detoxified by a filter.

If you or a loved one is facing advanced ovarian cancer, Verthermia® is here to provide guidance, hope, and healing. Contact us today at (516) 779-4761 to learn more about HEATT® and how it can make a difference in your cancer treatment journey.

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Hyperthermia is an adjuvant local anti-cancer treatment using temperatures exceeding the physiologically optimal level, typically 40–43 °C. It kills cancer cells without harming normal cells. It may also make the cancer cells more sensitive to other cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. It may be used on a small area of cells, such as a tumor, or parts of the body, such as an organ or limb. Cell death from exposure to heat is a function of both the intensity of the applied heat and the time of exposure.

Non-Invasive Mechanics

HEATT® provides whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment through a perfusion based procedure that does not involve surgical resection of tumors or radiation.


At Verthermia®, we believe that everyone should have access to effective cancer treatments. Our clinical trials to date have shown positive patient outcomes with whole-body hyperthermia treatment.

Ovarian Cancer Results

Our ovarian cancer trial resulted in significant findings on the positive impacts of HEATT®. Patients overall experienced improved survival rates and daily living satisfaction.


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