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Colon Cancer Treatment

HEATT® is the latest colon cancer treatment from Verthermia® that gives you hope for a cancer-free life. Discover how this revolutionary new therapy for colon cancer is transforming the fight against the illness and creating fresh opportunities for recovery.

Verthermia® offers Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®) to patients with advanced cancers who resist conventional therapies. This innovative & natural colon cancer treatment slows the growth of cancer cells directly by heating the patient’s body. It is a useful therapeutic option for integrated oncology strategies.

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Revolutionizing Cancer

HEATT® restores and balances the body’s natural chemistry using high heat and dialysis. HEATT® is a leading treatment for colon cancer that helps the body fight cancer cells by using a blood detoxification filter.

What is HEATT®?

Verthermia® provides Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®), a patented, whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment to extend and enhance daily living for cancer patients.

Why 42° Celsius?

42° C has been scientifically identified as an optimal temperature because it can damage cancer cells while providing minimal harm to healthy cells.

How Does HEATT®
Treatment Work?

HEATT® is different from other treatment options for colon cancer. General anesthesia is administered to patients to guarantee their comfort during the process. The patient’s blood is taken and heated in an external circuit using instruments that have received FDA approval. The right heart receives it again via a sizable vein. The lungs function as a radiator to disperse the heat produced by the right heart pumping hot blood. The left heart is then filled with the blood again. The body’s whole surface, even isolated and insulated regions, receives warm blood pumps from the left heart. The blood is then detoxified via a filter after restoring dialysis and balancing the body’s natural chemistry.

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Speak with real oncologists:

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HEATT®, as an advanced colon cancer treatment, prioritizes safety. Our skilled staff monitors the patient closely at every stage to guarantee their well-being. This modern colon cancer treatment guarantees the safety and efficacy of the procedure. Our staff uses expert anesthetic to ensure patient comfort and a painless HEATT® operation. This approach improves the overall experience by prioritizing patients’ comfort during treatment. HEATT® is a gentle, non-invasive treatment for colon cancer that effectively addresses the disease without causing unnecessary suffering to patients. Because it is non-invasive, healing times are shortened, reducing the chance of problems.

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Hyperthermia is an adjuvant local anti-cancer treatment. It is applied at temperatures above the physiologically ideal range, usually 40–43 °C. It eliminates cancer cells without endangering healthy cells. Also, it may enhance the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as other cancer treatments. It can be administered to specific body parts, such as an organ or limb, or to a particular area of cells like a tumor. Heat-related cell death depends on the exposure duration and the applied heat’s strength.

Non-Invasive Mechanics

HEATT® provides whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment through a perfusion based procedure that does not involve surgical resection of tumors or radiation.


At Verthermia®, we believe that everyone should have access to effective cancer treatments. Our clinical trials to date have shown positive patient outcomes with whole-body hyperthermia treatment.

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Verthermia® can offer support, healing, and hope to anyone dealing with advanced colon cancer. For more information regarding the cost of colon cancer treatment and its impact on your treatment experience, please get in touch with us at (516) 779-4761.


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