What is HEATT®?

Verthermia® provides Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®), a patented, whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment to extend and enhance daily living in end-stage cancer patients.

Why 42° Celsius?

42° C has been scientifically identified as an optimal temperature because it can damage cancer cells while providing minimal harm to healthy cells.


The HEATT® Procedure

For over thirty years, Verthermia® has worked to perfect the procedure of HEATT®. We prioritize safety by closely monitoring vitals during the entire cancer treatment procedure as we heat the body. With this heat, we target cancerous cells as blood circulates. HEATT® also results in a positive immune response, which enhances the body’s defense system.


Our HEATT® Circuit

With years of scientific research, Verthermia® has perfected the procedure of HEATT® with the use of our transformational whole-body hyperthermia machine and system. Our HEATT® circuit is a heart and lung machine with a recirculating dialysate system, charcoal filtration and pCO2/pH control, which are all FDA-approved components. The HEATT® procedure circulates blood throughout the body at 20 percent cardiac output for 50 minutes to heat the patient’s blood. As we continue to monitor the patient, we maintain the temperature of the blood at 42° C for two hours while cancer cells are destroyed or damaged. Using our HEATT® system, we are able to utilize a unique combination of advanced safety features, comprehensive monitoring tools, and precise delivery technology to ensure that each patient receives the best and safest possible whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment.

See How Verthermia’s Medical Team Treats a Patient Using Heatt Therapy


Our HEATT® Treatment Process

We understand that choosing a cancer treatment can be overwhelming, but at Verthermia®, we are confident in the benefits of whole-body hyperthermia and its potential to improve your quality of life. We ensure that all patients understand the process before undergoing treatment to provide knowledge and peace of mind. Throughout this non-invasive procedure, the patient is also placed under anesthesia to ensure ultimate comfort.

Heating of Blood

The patient’s blood is withdrawn using our HEATT® circuit. The heated blood is then returned to the right heart.

The Body is Heated

The right heart then pumps blood to the lungs, which returns blood to the lungs. Heated blood is then pumped throughout the body.

Blood Detoxification

The blood is then detoxified by a charcoal filter and dialysis to restore and balance the body's natural chemistry.

Cancer Destruction

HEATT® targets destroying, damaging or suppressing cancer cells by safely heating the body for two hours.


Who Can Benefit from HEATT®?

At Verthermia®, we are dedicated to providing patients with the absolute highest standard of care and safety. We follow strict guidelines so every patient who undergoes whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment will do so safely to minimize complications. To be a candidate for HEATT®, a patient must meet certain criteria. Contact us today to further discuss your eligibility.


Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

The main difference between HEATT® and other hyperthermia treatments is that we heat the blood directly and tightly control body temperature while normalizing fluids, electrolytes, and pH balance. HEATT® uses the patient’s own blood for whole-body hyperthermia to conduct heat rather than using typical conduction or convection methods.


When to Consider HEATT®

We recommend HEATT® when conventional cancer treatments no longer provide benefit or effectiveness for a patient. HEATT® therapy is not a replacement for conventional treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy. HEATT® is a complementary therapy option that has shown great promise in scientific studies. Research is also being conducted on how hyperthermia may increase the success of further conventional therapies.


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions about our whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment. We are here to answer your questions and provide information to make sure you feel comfortable with the process. We have compiled commonly asked questions to address your initial concerns.
Although side effects from HEATT® are typically minimal, suggested recovery time is about 2 days in a supervised setting. If a patient is experiencing problems associated with advanced cancer symptoms or previous treatments, the time frame or supervision may be increased.
In recent studies, we have evaluated the responses of both singular and repetitive HEATT® treatments in patients. As we continue to evaluate the ideal number of HEATT® treatments, we recommend one treatment to assess the response before potentially returning to conventional cancer treatment or repeating HEATT®.

Currently HEATT Therapy is not covered by Medicaid or most insurance providers, though some hospital expenses may be covered depending on your provider. Our patients cover the out of pocket cost of our procedure, including the hospital stay, that is not covered by insurance. Please contact us for more information and to see if you qualify.

Whole-body hyperthermia is a treatment option that has shown safety and efficacy in select advanced cancer patients. While it does not cure cancer, our trials show the potential to reduce the severity and spread of many cancers.
HEATT® circulates and heats the patient’s own blood. The patient is managed in a controlled setting by a team of specialists trained to administer the procedure safely. Like any procedure, there are some risks which will be discussed prior to treatment. Contact the Verthermia® team today to discuss any concerns.
HEATT® has been found to be effective in treating various forms of advanced cancer including ovarian, lung, and other solid cancers.
HEATT® is performed by a team of experienced medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, and technicians.
Before you begin HEATT®, your healthcare provider will communicate instructions on how to best prepare for the treatment. For example, maintaining activity, avoiding certain foods and drinks, increasing your fluid intake, and taking medications. Follow these instructions, as directed by your provider, in order to ensure the best outcome from the treatment. You may be told to stop certain medications prior to HEATT®.


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