Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial Results: Daily Living

P=0.643 N=24

Over 24 cycles of HEATT® the mean Karnofsky: Performance Score improved from 94 to 95.

Karnofsky is a standard way of measuring the ability of cancer patients to perform ordinary tasks. Patients reported a baseline Karnofsky score, showing their ability to engage in minimum daily living activities.

For reference, the upper end of the Karnofsky scores refer to the following activities:

  • 100 – Normal and healthy.
  • 90 – Minor signs or symptoms of disease with little impact on patient functioning.
  • 80 – Patient can carry on normal activities with effort.
  • 70 – The patient can care for self but is unable to carry on normal activity or to do active work.

The mean Karnofsky Performance Status score before HEATT® was 94. After HEATT®, the Karnofsky score improved to an average of 95, supporting the fact that this therapy is not expected to negatively impact activities of daily living. As testimonial data, some patients reported being able to walk further without exerting effort, having a reduction in labored breathing, and experiencing an overall increase in energy.

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