Hope with HEATT®

At Verthermia®, our patients inspire us to do our best. Our patient testimonials are evidence that this unique treatment is truly making a difference in the lives of our select patients with cancer.

Our Success Stories

Celebrating Two Years of Remission: Michael’s Inspiring Journey with Heatt Treatment for Colon Cancer 

In the challenging battle against cancer, stories of triumphs and breakthroughs are always worth celebrating. Today, we are honored to share the remarkable journey of Michael, a courageous individual who, after exploring various treatment options, found hope and healing through heat therapy for his colon cancer at Verthermia. Continuously advancing the field of cancer treatment, our dedicated team of doctors and specialists enabled Michael to achieve two years of remission.

Exploring All Options: When it comes to cancer treatment, it is crucial to explore all available options to find the most effective and personalized approach. Michael’s journey was no exception. After enduring several unsuccessful treatments, the medical team at Verthermia  recommended Heatt treatment for his colon cancer.

Phoebe’s Transformation and Success Story:

With consistent and dedicated sessions guided by the expert Verthermia team, Phoebe experienced an incredible transformation. Over time, she regained her ability to walk and stand independently, surpassing her initial expectations. The therapy provided her with renewed strength, stability, and confidence to navigate her day-to-day life with ease.

Regaining Independence and Reconnecting:

Thanks to the life-changing results achieved through Verthermia’s HEATT therapy, Phoebe was not only able to walk again but also had the opportunity to visit her beloved family in Mexico. Through this journey, she was able to reconnect with loved ones, embracing moments that otherwise seemed beyond her reach.

Mark’s Tennis Revival Post Verthermia HEATT Therapy 

Pre-therapy, Mark was grappling with a cancer diagnosis, which severely limited his strength and energy, restricting him from pursuing his passion for tennis and other activities he loves. 

Thanks to the revolutionary Verthermia HEATT Therapy and our dedicated medical experts, Mark’s life underwent another transformation. This therapy targeted and combated his cancer cells, enabling Mark to regain his vitality.

Just two months post-treatment, Mark’s remarkable recovery has allowed him to reclaim his life on the tennis court, something he missed dearly. 

At Verthermia, our primary goal is to provide compassionate care utilizing cutting-edge technology like our HEATT Therapy. Offering a ray of hope to our patients

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, but it is crucial to remember that there is always hope and innovation in the field of cancer care. Verthermia, a leading medical treatment provider, has been at the forefront of groundbreaking therapies that are changing the lives of cancer patients around the world.

Alicia, a courageous and resilient individual, was faced with a daunting battle against cancer. With a diagnosis of an aggressive form of cancer, she was determined to explore every option available to her.

After extensive research and consultations with medical experts, Alicia opted for Verthermia’s innovative treatment approach. The therapy utilized a combination of advanced technology, targeted therapies, and a compassionate team of medical professionals dedicated to her well-being.

Verthermia groundebreaking Heatt® treatment help patients like Adam not only survive but thrive.

Adam’s experience with Heatt® is a testament to the power of this treatment. After undergoing chemotherapy for his condition, Adam reached a point where he could no longer tolerate the side effects affecting his quality of life. Frustrated and disheartened, he was desperate for alternatives. That’s when he discovered Heatt®.

Working closely with his medical team, Adam embarked on the Heatt® journey. The treatment not only targeted his cancer cells but also focused on supporting his overall health and well-being.


HEATT® Success Stories

Our top priority is helping patients like you on their journey to better health. We understand that whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment is a big decision, and we want to make sure that our patients feel supported and secure in their choice. Our patients’ stories of courage and hope are an inspirational testament to the positive impact that HEATT can have on someone’s life, and your story could be next.


Verthermia® Webinars

To help support our patients’ journeys to better health, we provide insights on HEATT® through educational webinars and online resources. We discuss topics such as the whole-body hyperthermia therapy process, trial results, patient success statistics, and more. Learn more from our expert panelists to gain an in-depth understanding of how hyperthermia works to fight cancer.

Find Out If You Are Qualified

Hyperthermia cancer treatment is a safe and effective way to fight cancer. However, patients must be medically qualified to receive HEATT®. There are certain medical criteria that must be met in order to qualify for hyperthermia cancer treatment. Your healthcare provider will review your medical history, evaluate any existing medical conditions, and discuss any potential risks associated with the procedure. Contact us to discuss your eligibility.